10 Chairs brings together brings together the perspectives of 9 artists and 9 designers in a unique collaboration

Exhibition will be on display from November 30 – December 2, 2019 at the Gallery Espace, New Delhi, India.

Martand Khosla & Gunjan Gupta, Charity Starts At Home, 2019

Sonali Purewal, the founder of 10 Chairs, is an interior designer, an environmentalist and animal rights activist. Her studio, Sonali Purewal Design specializes in mountain living with the principle mantra to use local build, be inspired by where we are, and reuse upcycle and sustain.

GR Iranna & Klove, The Umbilical Chair, 2019

10 chairs is a unique collaboration of designer, artist, gallerist and the 100 Good Karma Project. The result is a cutting-edge collection of art and form with India’s finest designers and artists collaborating to help raise funds for the 100 Good Karma Project in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Sonali came about the idea of “10 Chairs” from a sit-down dinner she had planned for 10 friends that meet around an aged wine-stained wooden table to exchange stories. Who are these 10 friends? What are their personalities? And what are the stories they want to tell? Each chair at the event is a friend at the dinner table, and the piece is their story.

Karl Antao & Gurjit Matharoo, Me-Raaj, 2019

Some of India’s finest artists, architects and designers have collaborated to tell their story with a statement piece. The works are a mix of digital, mixed media, interactive art that are both sculptural and installative. The first edition of 10 chairs includes works of Shakuntala Kulkarni and Sanjay Puri; Anita Dube and Madhav Raman; Bose Krishnamachari and Alex Davis; GR Iranna and Klove; Karl Antao and Gurjit Matharoo; Marcantonio and Scarlet Splendour; Martand Khosla and Gunjan Gupta; Puneet Kaushik and Ayush Kasliwal; Valay Gada and Mandeep Nagi. Each chair is a collector’s piece and made as a single edition.

Shakuntala Kulkarni & Sanjay Puri, La Liberta, 2019

The funds raised from 10 Chairs will go towards the 100 Good Karma’s initiative for making more medical units for animals, to start blood banks in remote parts of Himachal and initiate green waste disposal systems at micro village levels in the foothills of the Himalayas. The NGO is supported and funded by Sonali Purewal’s design firm based in Kasauli, Himachal.