the earth is still going around the sun Showcases 13 Curated Exhibitions

The exhibition is being presented by Khoj International Artists’ Association and will be on display till December 20, 2019 at the India International Centre, New Delhi, India.

the earth is still going around the sun

The Khoj International Artists’ Association in partnership with the Goethe-Institut, Max Muellar Bhavan, New Delhi is presenting the earth is still going around the sun, a show of 13 curated exhibitions. These exhibitions are the culmination of the third edition of Curatorial Intensive South Asia 2019, a flagship two-week curatorial fellowship program which brings together curators from Iran, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

The fellows have been offered the opportunity to independently develop small curatorial projects over a period of four months during which they were mentored by the programme leaders Dr. Leonard Emmerling, Director of Programs, South Asia, Goethe-Institut, New Delhi and curator Latika Gupta.

The 13 exhibitions being presented are as follows:

Alisha Sett (India) | Exhibition Name: Rooee

the earth is still going around the sun

Rooee addresses the remnants of the 'empire of cotton' in two of its most prominent sites: the lowcountry in South Carolina (USA) and the textile mills of Bombay.

the earth is still going around the sun

Ayushma Regmi (Nepal) | Exhibition Name: inhibitions.inhabitations

inhibitions.inhabitations attempts to read into bodies – human bodies, natural bodies, man-made bodies – to decrypt that fundamental question about what it means to be human and whether this sense of being is rooted in the material world.

Maryam Bagheri (Iran) | Exhibition Name: Timequake

Studies show that a great earthquake will definitely occur in Tehran in the near future and will happen at night, which will increase casualties up to five million. Through photos, videos and graphical map, this exhibition tries to show how a natural phenomenon like earthquake can turn into a human catastrophe.

Ashima Tshering (India) | Exhibition Name: Knock Knock

the earth is still going around the sun

Thinking about Humour as a tool for communication due to its ability to break down barriers and form connections, Knock Knock is an encounter with personal stories addressed through humour.

Mila Samdub (India) | Exhibition Name: Real Time Tactics

Real Time Tactics combines spontaneous ways of using the platforms that form the basis for our social lives, careful strategies requiring collaboration and technical expertise, and visualisations of the networks of power and capital that form the mediums of our lives.

Poulomi Paul (India) | Exhibition Name: Pata/ पता

The complexities of urban spaces let nobody experience a place – its structures and its people – in the same way. How then do we represent places? How do we condense the histories and lived realities of urban neighbourhoods into names and images? How do these representations anchor personal and collective identities? These are questions Pata wishes to explore.

Diwas Raja (Nepal) | Exhibition Name: Furnishing Papers

the earth is still going around the sun

Displaying the original ID documents of the Manage people, the exhibition will explore how a group of people who historically lived extraterritorially not only in the trans-Himalayan region but also as traders to as far away lands as Southeast Asia - interacted with the bureaucratic needs of the modern state of Nepal.

the earth is still going around the sun

Pranamita Borgohain (India) | Exhibition Name: Dis-place

Dis-Place is structured around various areas of disagreements, discomforts and dislocation, each framing questions connected to the general line of inquiry while they also open specific discussion points. It touches upon topics which are equally urgent to Assam as they are to the world: migration, marginalisation, economic and/or cultural appropriation.

Rumi Samadhan (India) | Exhibition Name: 1927: ‘Erasure’ as a form of assertion

The exhibition explores the concept of ‘erasure’ as a form of assertion, and centers on the Mahad Satyagraha as a pivotal moment of rupture within the practice of Untouchability in India.

Sadia Marium (Bangladesh) | Exhibition Name: GHAR

the earth is still going around the sun

GHAR (Home) is the collection of Video, photographs, photo-book, and paintings to dissect the meaning of ‘Ghar’ both as an idea and perception. A temporary living room of a middle class family in Dhaka is set up to reflect the inbuilt tension between ‘home’ and the ‘world’ along with its parallel existence.

Sarker Protick (Bangladesh) | Exhibition Name: This too shall pass

How does our physical world and the socio/political states of affairs affect our mind? How does our state of mental health manifest in our being, in terms of both our private moments or public action and reaction? Is it one way or the other? Or is it caught in its own paradox?

Kirubalini Stephan (Srilanka) | Exhibition Name: Memoryscapes

Is it ever possible to retrace memory? How do our memories define us? Even if we don’t like to remember or forget, Is there still a permanent imprint residing in our minds? Memoryscapes interweaves with multiple narratives of past and present with space and experience different kinds of memories which connects with artists and Tamil community.

Zohreh Deldadeh (Iran) | Exhibition Name: Some-Bodies: Bodily Narratives in Iranian Contemporary Art

the earth is still going around the sun

This exhibition’s focus is on different perspectives of seeing body in Iranian contemporary art. The exhibition tries to showcase some different aspects referring to the body, not only as a physical subject but also as a narrative and conceptual notion.