Bose Krishnamachari’s The Mirror Sees Best in the Dark Explores the Co-existence of Extremes

The exhibition is being presented by Emami Art at the Kolkata Centre for Creativity, Kolkata from 21 December, 2019 to 10 March 2020.

Exhibition at Emami Art

Emami Art is presenting Mumbai and Kochi-based artist Bose Krishnamachari’s solo exhibition, The Mirror Sees Best in the Dark. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition after 9 years. The exhibition is a presentation of 9 new art projects with materially rich and diverse assemblages and installations that explore the co-existence of extremes; the closeness between opposites - ornamental maximalism and abstract minimalism. He investigates the state of ‘obsession’, where the lure and pull that an obsession can wield is similar to that of a mirror. He looks at image and icon, word and number as literal sense and metaphorical gestures.

9 Rasas and One Soft Cut

Bose Krishnamachari said, “On paper, it may read as though this show is a comeback after a long hiatus. However, I do not believe it to be so. I do not consider my practising of art to only be when I wield the brush, or scalpel, or chisel. My way of life, in itself, involves the application of my artistic sensibilities, and hence, I do not believe in that dichotomy. ‘The Mirror Sees Best in the Dark’, has been in the making for about two years now. My works reflect my anxiety about the tensions in our contemporary society, and a self-obsessed autocracy that is looming. My language has been renewed, but it is not new. I have toyed with similar concepts like minimalism and maximalism, but the works are also conceptually fluent.


Commenting on the exhibition, Ms. Richa Agarwal, CEO Emami Art said, “The exhibition explores the co-existence of extremes - minimalism and maximalism, the many human obsessions along with brilliant treatment and usage of various materials to create an illusion. A man who dons many hats - An artist, an art lover, curator, founder of the prestigious Kochi Biennale is opening his solo show after a long hiatus of 9 years and we encourage everyone to come and experience his seminal works.”

Mirror Sees Best in the Dark